What is Remote Influencing?

barba1-mediumRemote Influencing is a psychic discipline combining native ability with the use of real time feedback, creating a method of influencing a person or group toward the intention of the influencer that is accurate and effective due to being constantly measured for effectiveness while the “pushing” or persuading is taking place.

My name is Barba Kutzner, and I am a remote influencer with more than two decades of  experience in developing and refining a proprietary method of influencing that utilizes feedback methods similar to those used by the U. S. military.   I come from a family background of psychics, physical mediums and telekinetics, as well as people with the ability to “inhabit” the consciousness of others to move them to do one’s will.

As well as working as a business remote influencer, my work over the last two decades has included “pushing” people to serve my clients’ best interests, improving performance, and revealing agendas to my clients about their competitors.  I also create future forecasts for projects my clients are involved with as well as scanning people for my clients to see how they will perform as employees.

I have developed methods of influencing in that arena that overcome language barriers, cultural differences and basic prejudices.  My work is in both the non-profit and for profit arenas, and on an international level.  Language is no issue with my influencing method.

I am also a shamanic practitioner, having studied and have been trained by shaman of Yaqui, Siberian and modern American tradition.  I use my training in shamanic practice to enhance my work in Remote Influencing, and I also incorporate some elements of the Access Consciousness method into my approach.

In my practice I also work to help people with personal and romantic issues.  Most of my work is of a positive nature, with other services also available to disable competitors, stymie enemies and stop such problems as stalking and harassment.




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