Experience and Abilities

My remote influencing business experience includes:

  • Influencing for large scale contributions to non-profit organizations.
  • Influencing interviewers to feel confident of my client’s ability.
  • Remote monitoring of board meetings coupled with remotely influencing the participants.
  • Influencing people for improved cooperation, productivity and flow.
  • Influencing groups to cooperate with my client’s intentions, or to refuse to cooperate with my client’s adversaries.

I have also been engaged successfully to influence large groups for increased sales, and can create selection sets to influence to promote the sale of real estate while insuring the buyer will not only be financially capable of supporting the mortgage term financially, I also select for people that will be delighted with their purchase as well.

  • Personal services include:
  • Influencing for renewed interest in intimate relationships.
  • “Spooking” stalkers and influencing them to desist, a free service.
  • Influencing to stop harassment.
  • Influencing to improve addiction recovery, become more responsible, and to have more connection with loved ones.
  • Future scans to see how projects and relationships will go in a given amount of time.














  • Japan Le says:

    My name is Japan Le. I am a 34 year old male that is also a healer but have never healed as a profession. The voice within me told me I was capable of healing others by the laying on with hands method. I did this to a few of my friends and their sickness or pain went away sometimes immediately. I myself suffer from psoriasis on my legs and have never sought spiritual healing on myself. I have been to medical doctors but they have not been much help. I am wondering if another spiritual healer such as you can heal me.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Japan. I emailed you my reply, and will restate it here. I am looking into learning about entities that attach themselves to us that are more subtle than the human and other energies that are very obvious to healers. They are more like plant or root structures and I am starting to find them in people with immunodeficiency diseases. I would like to try working on you with this approach and to also scan you for these hard-to-see entities.

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