Remote Shamanic Healing

 “I am in such gratitude for you and you have made me so calm as I step into the new me and have such a healthy emotional self.”

 ” My therapist said the growth I’ve shown in the last two weeks is amazing.  Phenomenal.  That I was refusing to grow for the last six months, and now I’m just leaping forward!”

I have known Barba for a long time, over the past year my life has been experiencing a few difficulties.  Barba has recognized those difficulties without me having to say a thing.  She has spoken with me, asked me questions and miraculously I feel better, whatever it is she is doing, I would highly recommend her.  I know that I am in a much better emotional place now.

“Everything is going along in my life so smoothly now.  I’m really discovering new things about myself and I feel so alive and free of resentments and petty concerns. My life is wonderful.”

“I feel whole.  Can’t explain it but I just feel like I am all here for the first time in my life since I was a little kid.”

When we are traumatized, we often feel like we’re not all there when the crisis is finally past.  Some of us, returning from war or having survived a life-threatening experience, often never feel like we have completely healed.  In indigenous cultures this is seen as being damage to the energy-body, or soul of a person.  We jettison parts of our energy bodies in order to survive the shock and pain of the event.  In cultures where shamanic practice is the norm, soul retrieval rituals are a common occurrence   It’s difficult to go through life without experiencing some kind of major damage at some point, and when we cannot seem to recover emotionally, we suffer and are limited in our ability to enjoy our lives.

There and a number of ways of adapting to the long term effects of trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, as well as behaviors like addictions that complicate recovery from trauma, but adaption is more often than not, a disability in and of itself.

If you have had trouble recovering from any type of trauma, physical or emotional, or have problems staying away from alcohol and drugs, you may wish to take the next step into spiritual healing.

I combine the energy body healing process, or soul retrieval with a follow-up period of several weeks of daily inception building in your mind, that helps you heal your ego and create a positive connection to this reality.  My fee for this service is the 3 week charge, $1560.00 and I am happy to discuss payment plans to accommodate your financial situation.

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